AIVA 路考Tips----路考中常用的英文单詞和短語


1. At the counter:在路考柜台

Good morning.  早上好。

Good afternoon.   下午好。

I’m here for road test. Class 7 or 5.  我是来考试的(七级或者五级)。

When is your time? i.e.: 10:15am. 你约的路考时间是几点?比如:10:15am。

What’s your last name?  你贵姓?

What’s your ICBC key word?你的注册密码是?

What is the plate number of your car?你的车牌号是?

My plate number is 888-ABC.我的车牌号是:888-ABC。

Are you still living at the same address? 你还住在同一地址吗?
Here is your invoice. 这是收据。


2. To examiner:和考官的对话

My name is Mike. I’m your examiner. 我叫Mike,我是你的考官。

Do you know English? 你懂英语吗?
I can speak a little English.我知道一些英语。
Please speak slowly. 请慢慢讲。
Do you have any questions? 你有什么问题吗?
Please sign your name here. 请在这里签名。
Are you ready now? 你可以开始吗?

You must obey all the rules and traffic signs. 你要遵守所有交通规例及路牌。
Take it easy/Relax please.  开车时请放轻松。

Let’s walk to your car. Please start your car and roll down the window on driver side.



3. 开车前

Turn on/ start the engine (car):发动汽车。

Left turn signal. 左转灯。

Right turn signal.右转灯。

Low beam/Head light. 开车头灯。
High beam. 高灯。

Windshield wiper. 开雨刮器。
Honk the horn. 按喇叭。

Release and step on the brakes. 试一下刹车。

Arm signal. 转向手势。

Don't worry. I will give you hand signal.不要担心,我会给你手势。

Look at my hands. This means turn left. This means turn right. This means lane change.看我手势,这是左转,这是右转,这是换线。

If you see any cars parked on the side of road, you need to change lane by yourself. 如果看到路边停车,你要自己换线。

If I don’t say anything you just go straight and follow the signs. 如果我不讲话就直行,按照路牌驾驶。

Let's go. 现在开始。



Intersection 十字路口

Traffic sign 交通信號

Pedestrian 行人

Change lane 变道

Hazard perception 危险感知。

Right turn 右转   Left turn  左转

Go straight  /   Keep going straight  保持直行
Next street left turn. 第一条街左转

Next street turn right.  第一条街右转
Traffic light right turn. 交通灯右转

Traffic light left turn. 交通灯左转

Stop sign, make a right turn/make a left turn. 停牌右转/左转

Stay in this lane. 保持在这条线行驶

Pull over to the curb. 靠路边停车

Let’s do parallel parking after that car. 在这辆车后做平行泊车
Up hill parking. 上斜坡泊车
Down hill parking.下斜坡泊车
Back up straight. 直线倒后

Merge on freeway / highway. 高速公路匯入

Too close. 太近

Too slow. 太慢

Too fast. 太快

Speed up 加速行驶

Head in parking/Drive in. 车头入泊车

Back in parking. 车尾入泊车

Parking brake. 应急手动刹车

Turn off the engine. 熄掉汽车发动机

Ok, you pass. 恭喜,你通过考试了!